Estd. - June 01, 1959 

The College is located in the middle Mithilanchal near Madhubani in an atmosphere of serene peace and Purity behind the Sakri Madhubani main road.

17th April

17april/Commerce - Functions of RBI( BCom 2nd part MTFI SUb)by K K Chy

17april/Commerce ( D 1 Account - Royalty - Numerical problems) by K K C Lect39

17april/Degree 1 (M.B) Urdu Dr. Md. Monauwar Alam

17april/Degree 1 (Sub) Commerce Dr. S.K.Sharma

17april/Degree 1 Hons. Hindi Dr. Arti Prasad

17april/Degree 1 Hons. Zoology Dr. Dipa Kumari

17april/Degree 1 Hons. Chemistry Dr. Chadan Kumar Chy

17april/Degree 1 Hons. Commerce Dr. S.K.Singh

17april/Degree 1 Hons. Philosophy Dr. S.N.Jha

17april/Degree 1 L.L.(Hons.)Maithili Rani Mishra

17april/Degree 1 Sub Economics Sohit Ram

17april/Degree 2 Hons. Pol.Sc Dr. Girijesh Singh

17april/Degree 2 (Sub) physics Dr. Manish Kumar

17april/Degree 2 History Mukesh Kumar Rajak

17april/Degree 2 Hons. Economics Sohit Ram

17april/Degree 2 Hons. Chemistry Dr. Chandan Kumar Chy

17april/Degree 2 Hons. Commerce Dr. S.K.Sharma

17april/Degree 2 Hons. Psychology Dr. Laxmi Kumari

17april/Degree 2 Hons. Urdu Dr. Md. Monauwar Alam

17april/Degree 2 L.L.(Hons.)Maithili Rani Mishra

17april/Degree 2Hons. Philosophy Dr. S.N.Jha

17april/English Degree 1 H Dr.jyotsna kumari

17april/English Degree 2 H Dr.Jyotsna kumari

17april/I.Com Dr. S.K.Sharma

17april/ Biology Dr. Dipa Kumri

17april/I.Sc Physics Dr. Manish Kumar

17april/Inter History Dr.H.N.Mahto

17april/Inter Psychology Dr. Meena Devi

17april/XII Inter Commerce Dr. S.K.Singh

17april/XII Inter Psychology Dr. Laxmi Kumari

17april/XII L.L I.Sc I.Com I.A Dr. Jyotsna Kumari

17april/XII th Hindi Dr. Arti Prasad

17april/XII Urdu Dr. Md. Monauwar Alam