Estd. - June 01, 1959 

The College is located in the middle Mithilanchal near Madhubani in an atmosphere of serene peace and Purity behind the Sakri Madhubani main road.

Principal Desk

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Dr. Satish Kumar Sharma
Professor -in-charge R. N. College Pandaul

Our aim is to prepare citizens for leadership in this era of globalization. Our prior mission is to develop student sound in mind and body, pious at heart and caring by nature.

“Education is in one sense a process of acquainting and enriching every new generation with the accumulated experiences and knowledge of a past generations and there enhancing the capacity and power of their reason.”

Every moment of student life needs to be cherished. Every one need to inculcate values in life and have a vision. All these could easily be practiced, if we start it right from the student days when one is young with a ready to do “kind of attitude.”

Each one of you should have a deep with serve of purpose and commitment to make your individual contribution to the building of your society, your state, your nation and finally the whole world. I call upon you all to individually and collectively think about this as a noble obligation. I hope that your training and education from this esteemed institution shall help you to face challenges of the competitive world, that you will contribute in your own way towards the progress and prosperity of the nation.